Residential Construction

Residential Construction Services in Louisville, KY

Residential Construction

Your home is more than one of the largest expenditures you’ll make; it's the physical expression of you and your family.

No matter the story you want to tell, our design-build construction team can bring it to life. With a commitment to craftsman precision and transparency at every step of your project, Wescott Construction can make the home of your dreams a reality.

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    Residential Hardscapes

    From patio to pool and from garden to green, we’ve built some of Louisville’s most exquisite indoor and outdoor spaces for entertainment. If you can dream of your perfect private oasis, the skilled craftsmen at Wescott Construction can bring it to life.

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    Residential Design Build

    If you can dream of your perfect home, Wescott Construction can build it. With our Design Build service, you’ll be heard, cared for, and pleasantly engaged with your project at every step of the way.

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    Residential Remodeling

    Are you a homeowner looking to remodel your space? No matter your need, Wescott Construction’s remodeling team is highly skilled and experienced in creating the space of your dreams.

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    Synthetic Turfs & Golf Green

    Looking to add some flair to your outdoor space? Wescott Construction can design and install a range of golf greens and other synthetic turfs. Let’s get started today.

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    Custom Pools

    A custom pool is one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy the outdoors – but only when it’s designed and built with precision and an eye for detail and style. Wescott Construction is here to help you craft your dream backyard oasis.

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