Wescott Construction is Louisville’s premier design-build construction team. We’re devoted to providing our clients with inspired design solutions, craftsman precision, and a commitment to transparency at every step of our process. Whether you’re a homeowner interested in building, remodeling or personalizing your existing home with unique hardscapes, or you’re a business owner looking to build your presence in the Louisville area, Wescott Construction is the team you can trust to turn your dream into a reality.

And no one builds like Wescott. With Wescott Construction, you’ll be heard, cared for, and pleasantly engaged with your project every step of the way. We encourage collaboration, because it’s your project. We don’t cut corners; we craft them, and we put all of our talents on the line. It’s the Wescott way, and it’s based on trust, mutual respect, and the satisfaction that you’re getting what you want and what you paid for.

At Wescott Construction, we’re not just building a home or a business; we’re building your home and business. You deserve the best, and we plan to give it to you.