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Concrete Construction

The Wescott reputation for exquisite quality is our foundation, and commercial construction companies who want the best for their clients’ foundations use Wescott Concrete.

From commercial foundations to flatwork, our teams of concrete specialists understand that your job doesn’t begin unless we get the foundation right. We value strong partnerships with our builders, and our professional crews take immense pride in the reliability and quality of their work. That’s a strong promise you can build on.

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    Shotcrete is a cost-efficient method of pouring horizontal and vertical construction elements. It’s often our method of choice for the construction of commercial and private swimming pools because it allows us to exercise the most precision and control. No matter the application, we’re dedicated to providing the most cost efficient and beautifully crafted shotcrete work in the region.

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    Our foundations are more than just a piece of concrete to build on. They’re the culmination of business, engineering, architecture, art and science, all brought together to craft foundations that stand the test of time. From excavation and footings to retaining walls and slab-on-grade foundations, every step of our process needs is carefully calculated and executed to produce a top-of-the-line product.

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    Flat Work

    We believe that beautifully done flatwork is a work of art. That’s why we only employ the most talented and experienced personnel to bring our projects to life. When done right, flatwork is part of a specific and deliberate process that requires great care and attention to detail at every step. We combine our decades of experience with patience, precision, and knowledge to create the best flatwork in the industry.

    We’re proud to provide flatwork concrete services for apartment complexes, factories and retail establishments, as well as additional public and private work.

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