At Wescott Construction, our people are at the core of everything we do. We have a saying in our industry that if you’re not investing in safety, you’re not investing in your future. We always strive to make sure all of our team members feel like family and are able to be home for dinner every night. When you’re part of the Wescott team your safety and wellbeing aren’t an afterthoughtthey’re a priority.

Our state of the art training facilities were designed with ongoing education in mind. We aim to train our employees on a weekly basis on techniques and best practices to keep themselves and our customers as safe as possible. This classroom setting features special reinforcement and braced walls to teach specialized training for scaffolding and wall form panel installations. There are also cast-in catch basins and casted underground pipes that our employees can use to master fall protection, pipe lasers and trench lasers. Our goal is to ensure that our team is always prepared, no matter the circumstances.

Our goal is simple—to impact as many lives as we can. We strive for our passion and integrity to be unprecedented and to build a company and culture that people are proud to be a part of. Construction is a transformative field, and we aim to attract and nurture young, talented individuals looking for safe and decent work regardless of their education level. We’re confident that this is possible through an emphasis on safety training. Just like everything else at Wescott, we hold our standards for safety to the highest level possible.