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A Sentimental Showstopper

The owner’s sentimental childhood connection to the property fueled our mission to make this home perfect.

The Challenge

This 1940s home needed a transformation when the owner wanted an exterior on par with other homes in the area and an interior that was open, airy, and full of light.

The Solution

A renovation of three floors and a basement. Wescott Construction also built a new master bedroom wing, a garage, a pool and spa, and new landscaping for the property. We also installed new plumbing, electric, HVAC, and geothermal power for the home.

The Result

A 60-year-old house with a great structure went from quaint and cozy to a truly remarkable showstopper.

From Our Founder

“This was an opportunity for the owner to move back into the neighborhood he grew up in. In fact, the owner swung on the tire swing in the backyard when he was a little boy. The house was one of the last houses in the neighborhood to be renovated, and it took immense vision from a great architect as well as a lot of faith from the owners to trust that it would be done justice. This house was taken down to the bare bones and totally renovated. We started with a great plan, and then the owners played a huge role in making this their forever home.”