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An Innovative Course

Wescott Construction built a golf green behind a patio home. This green makes their entire yard an oasis and prevents the hassle of the owner having to mow their lawn weekly.

The Challenge

The owner’s new home had very limited outdoor space that they hoped to maximize.

The Solution

Rather than a small backyard and small golf green, we designed a golf green that became the central basis of this backyard. The entire project had to be completed by hand rather than machines because of the tight space and limited access.

The Results

Wescott was able to create a backyard oasis that features beautiful landscaping, water fountains, and a golf green. Despite the space being limited, the result feels anything but compact.

From Our Founder

“The owners contacted Wescott with the hopes of maximizing their usable space in their backyard. Instead of creating a standalone small golf green, we decided to blend the two. Today, they can walk right out the back door and into their remarkable golf green and landscaping.”