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Blairwood Pool Bubble

This project involved creating an inflatable structure to encapsulate and winterize the 50-meter commercial pool.

The Challenge

Some of the main challenges of this project included getting the inflatable structure approved in a municipality which had never approved one before, installing footer without damaging the existing pool/plumbing, craning in HVAC/blowers, and dealing with limited site access during winter months.

The Solution

Wescott Construction was able to source and successfully install an inflatable structure that allows owners to operate a 50-meter pool throughout the winter months.

The Results

The bubble at the 50-meter pool has become a seasonal staple at Blairwood.

At a Glance:

  • Sourced custom bubble structure
  • HVAC for heating
  • Lighting

From Our Founder

“Blairwood’s swim teams practice year round, and while their indoor pool is a fantastic facility, it couldn’t accommodate their full schedule of swim teams needing to practice regularly. The owners were keen to make year-round use out of the 50 meter pool, which was also constructed by Wescott. Our team sourced a bubble to encapsulate the pool and make it as functional in the winter as it is at the height of summer season. The bubble, which is fitted with its own lighting and HVAC, has become an annual spectacle when volunteers sign up for setting it up and breaking it down.”