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From Dilemma to Delight

This project featured the installation of a new pool plaster pool with beautiful fountain features and a pool house. It also included the addition of a bathroom and outdoor kitchen in the pool house, complete with Hartstone pool deck and terraces.

The Challenge

The owners contacted Wescott due to severe drainage issues they were experiencing.

The Solution

A drainage plan was developed to mitigate previous flooding in backyard.

The Results

The drainage problem was resolved, and Wescott delivered by building a new plaster pool, fountains, a pool house and more after identifying the property’s tremendous potential.

From Our Founder

“When we first came in contact with the Lavelles, they were seeking a solution to a bad drainage problem. The project blossomed into something truly magical once we were able to not only identify its potential, but to also deliver on the vision. The couple purchased this home after their children had grown up and wanted it to be a special place for the whole family to come together. Today, the Lavelles’ home is cherished by the entire family, including their grandchildren.”