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An existing I-Qor operational facility needed a challenging addition on an extremely tight timeframe. Wescott delivered.

The Challenge

The main challenge of this project was working in a facility that had to remain totally operational during construction. We also had to focus on upholding the tight security requirements of the customer. Lastly, the new addition needed was so large that it bordered the edge of the property line.

The Solution

In order to successfully pull off this project, we had to put a strong emphasis on planning ahead and communicating with the site’s security operations. Wescott worked hand in hand with the local municipality due to property line considerations and a rated firewall was installed as a solution.

The Results

Wescott Construction was able to complete this project in a timely manner and with quality craftsmanship. Both owner and tenant were able to meet their business needs.

At a Glance

  • 26,640 sqft
  • Pre-engineered metal building
  • Modified existing exterior wall to connect the buildings

From Our Founder

“When repeat customers of Wescott purchased I-Qor, their needs were hugeliterally. The building addition needed was so extensive in size that it reached the outer limit of the property line. Making this desire a reality meant working closely with local municipality, and installing a heavy-duty rated firewall on the rear exterior in order to even be allowed to build. When all was said and done, executing on this property meant the owner was satisfied, and that the tenant was able to not only carry on business as usual during construction, but to also grow their business for the future.”